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Transforming the last mile logistics: Emerging Innovations and Solutions

Transport & Logistics
10 October 2018

The World Economic Forum (WEF) projects that by 2050, approximately 66 percent of the population will live in cities, urbanised metropolitan areas and mega cities.

For last mile logistics, this means more complicated deliveries, denser traffic and a higher carbon footprint – coupled with a growing number of customer shipments and demands, rising costs and significantly shorter lead-time for fulfilment.

Industry need to keep up with rapidly evolving customer-driven trends and a growing population – all while streamlining Transport & Logistics (T&L) processes.

With the new GS1 comprehensive white paper, learn how GS1 standards are meeting these issues head-on, while enabling the seamless flow of physical deliveries and customer data.  This standardisation will ultimately drive the transformation of the last mile for the benefit of all.

Download the white paper.

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