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GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and Small Farmers Welfare Fund signed an MoU for small agro-processors to acquire GS1 Barcodes

22 March 2019

In celebration of its year-long Silver Jubilee, GS1 Mauritius pursues its close collaboration with the Government to increase the adoption and implementation of GS1 Barcodes, to further contribute to the economic development of Mauritius.

In this context, GS1(MAURITIUS) Ltd and Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 22nd March 2019 to enable micro and small agro-processors to adopt GS1 Barcodes.

The aim of this MoU is to give a boost to small agro-processing enterprises by providing an assistance to eligible agro-processors to upgrade their products and gain more accessibility and visibility towards new market segments with the adoption of GS1 Barcodes.
With the signature of this MoU, both organisations are confident that the agro-processors will largely benefit since the collaboration goes beyond acquiring GS1 Barcodes to access markets easier. By adopting GS1 Barcodes and standards, small agro-processors will also enjoy numerous benefits, namely gain efficiency, reduce costs through inventory management, gain international visibility through GS1 GEPIR and GS1 Cloud, implement traceability and export without any modifications in their barcodes.
GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD is also committed to provide training to ensure that the small agro-processors implement their barcodes correctly to avoid any possible retailer rejection of their products. 
Under this scheme SFWF will finance 100% of the Registration fees, Training Fees and Annual Membership Fees for the first year for the eligible participants.
This MoU is the second collaboration of GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD with the government to provide more support to micro, small and medium enterprises to acquire GS1 barcodes and standards. Likewise, GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD had signed an MoU with SME Mauritius Ltd in March 2018 to provide financial assistance to eligible micro, small and medium enterprises to acquire GS1 barcodes.
More information on this scheme is available here.
Read the full press release here.
Legend (from left to right): 
Mr. Barlen Pillay, Director of GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and Secretary General of MCCI; Mr. Ashok Bundhoo, Chairman of Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF); Mr. Guillaume Hugnin, Chairperson of GS1 (MAURITIUS) LTD and Mr. Roopesh Bheekarry, Manager at Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF)

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