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GS1 Poland wins 1st prize in the Ekomers competition

Transport & Logistics
11 December 2017

On 29th November 2017, GS1 Poland was awarded the 1st prize in the Ekomers competition.  

GS1 Poland received the award for the SSCC number – a solution that supports the logistics in e-commerce.  With this solution international parcels do not lose their tracking after crossing the border. Also, a single unique and global number may lead to reduced shipping costs.

This year’s edition of the competition attracted a record number of participants.  Over 250 brands sent in their applications in 18 categories for service providers and e-shops.  

‘’E-commerce is one of the quickest areas of economy in Poland.  This is an important market for us, where GS1 global solutions that support international trade may prove very useful,’’ commented Agata Horzela, GS1 expert in TSL.

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