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GS1 and the ‘’Identification of Medicinal Products (IDPM)’’ complement each other

19 February 2018

A position paper was recently published to support the understanding of how GS1 and IDPM  complement each other.

A decade of standardization work was necessary to deliver a new set of international standards for the unambiguous identification of medicinal products in the regulatory process.

The initiative, named ‘’IDMP, Identification of Medical Products’’, was required to increase safety in the adverse event notification process.

Furthermore, the fight against falsification is aided by the precise identification of medicinal product packages (using GTIN and attributes such as serial number) which must reference master data.  This master data provides appropriate information about the medicinal product being considered.  

The combination of master data (such as IDMP identifiers) and supply chain identifiers (GTIN, lot / batch and serial number) is not only key to fight the falsification of medicinal products, but also scanning the barcode and aggregating or processing the encoded data, future expectations for healthcare processes, efficient deliveries and transaction data accuracy can be met.

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