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First batch of beneficiaries under the collaboration between GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and SME Mauritius Ltd receive their GS1 barcodes and training

Marketing and Development
4 May 2018

Following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and SME Mauritius Ltd to enable micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt GS1 Barcodes, GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD allocated barcodes to the 7 first beneficiaries.  Furthermore they followed a dedicated training delivered by GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD on 4th May 2018 at the seat of SME Mauritius Ltd.

The aim of this training is to equip participants with a working knowledge of GS1 standards and barcodes.  During the training, the beneficiaries were explained how to barcode their respective products, when to change barcodes as well as the specifications of the barcode symbologies.

The learnings will enable the participants to save their business time and money by getting their barcodes right, protect their business against possible retailer rejection of their products, increase their business opportunities by meeting their customer requirements and comply with local and global regulations, making trade easier for them.

The beneficiaries also had the opportunity to discover, how as members of GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD, they gain international visibility through GS1 GEPIR and the upcoming GS1 Cloud, at no additional cost.

Legend: Interactive session during the training

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