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Eco2city promotes GS1 Harmonised Parcel Label in commercial logistical processes

18 July 2018

Ecommerce Europe and GS1’s joint blue paper, The Business Case for Harmonised Parcel Label states that ‘’E-commerce is fundamentally changing postal and parcel markets’’.  However, ‘’… the current parcel streams are ill-fitted to accommodate this’’.  The sharing of data between players involved in a delivery is crucial to improving the efficiency and sustainability of last mile delivery.

The Harmonised Parcel label and its globally unique parcel identifier will help answer the future demands of all stakeholders in the delivery service industry, including customers, manufacturers, retailers, integrators, e-fulfilment companies, carriers, parcel collection /  return points and the government.

City logistics operators need to ‘’speak the language’’ of various carriers as well as shippers which make their own deliveries.  This creates complexity, a risk of error and unnecessary cost in the delivery chain.  To solve these problems, Eco2city actively promotes the widely applicable GS1 Harmonised Parcel label in day-to-day commercial logistical processes.

The NGO Eco2city aims at supporting cities all over Europe to achieve efficient and zero emission city logistics. Eco2city supports city logistics operators with a system that can tap into various carrier specific identification systems, as well as the standard GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code (GS1 SSCC) on the European Harmonised Parcel Label, to facilitate shipping to the parcel’s destination.  

Eco2city Brigit Hendriks and Max Prudon said, ‘’Implementing the GS1 Harmonised Parcel Label has the potential to result in considerable gains in sustainability, especially in the area of e-commerce.’’  It would help solve the problem of current ill-fitted parcel streams by enabling the sharing data between players, providing much needed support to all stakeholders in today’s delivery service industry.

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