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Financial Schemes

Supporting MSMEs 

GS1 Mauritius is collaborating with institutions to support micro, small and medium companies (MSMEs) to acquire GS1 Barcodes through financial assistance. 

The aim of these schemes is to encourage MSMEs to adopt GS1 Barcodes and GS1 Standards to upgrade their products and gain easier market access. 

MSMEs will further reap the numerous benefits namely:

  • Gain efficiency whilst enjoying lower costs through inventory management
  • Benefit from the endless possibilities with GS1 Standards
  • Export without any modifications to their barcodes, since GS1 Barcodes are internationally recognised 
  • Implement product traceability solutions
  • Due to their uniqueness, GS1 Barcodes enable combatting counterfeited products, contributing to gaining consumer confidence
  • Gain international visibility through GS1 GEPIR

Collaboration with SME Mauritius Ltd

Under this scheme, SME Mauritius Ltd will finance 100% of the Registration Fees and Training Fees for eligible MSMEs.

Who can apply?

Please consult SME Mauritius Ltd website, under Scheme ‘Access to Market – Barcode Registration’ for eligibility criteria. 

How to apply?

SME Mauritius Ltd 

Pope Hennessy Building

25, Pope Hennesy Street

Port Louis

T : +230 202 0040

F : +230 212 5765

E : info@smemu.org

Website: http://smemu.org/


GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD’s Collaboration with Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF)

The scheme
SFWF Ltd will finance 100% of
•    Registration Fees,
•    Annual Membership Fees for the first year only, and
•    Training Fees for one participant
for eligible agro-processing firms.

Who can apply?

You need to an eligible agro-processing firm to apply.

Eligibility criteria:

•    Enterprises should be an agro-processing firm as defined by the SFWF’s Act
•    The enterprise should employ less than 10 persons
•    The annual turnover should not exceed Rs 10M

For more information about the scheme, please visit SFWF website.

How and where to apply?

Please contact GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD and bring along your
(i)    SFWF’ card, and
(ii)    agro-processor’s card

We will guide you on the steps to follow.

Contact Us

c/o The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry
6, Adolphe de Plevitz Street,
Port Louis
T : +230 203 4830
F : +230 208 0076
E : secretariat@gs1mu.org
Website: http://www.gs1mu.org/


Small Farmers Welfare Fund (Head Office)
2nd Floor, MCIA (ex-FSC) Building
Saint Pierre
T : + 230 433 2052
F : +230 433 3249
E : spwfsp@intnet.mu / sfwfund@gmail.com
Website : http://sfwf.govmu.org/