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GS1 Healthcare Conference Ethiopia 2018


Event Date: 08/05/18 - 10/05/18
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The GS1 Healthcare Conference Ethiopia 2018 will be held on 8-10 May 2018.

Everyday millions of patients across the world depend on safe medication. Unfortunately, presence of falsified medication is a huge threat to patient safety, especially in Africa.

The WHO estimates that 10% of medication distributed in low and middle income countries could be fake.  Falsified medicine negatively impact patient safety, might lead to loss of lives, willhave ecocnomic impact and will result in less trust in the healthcare system.

By attending this conference, participants will have the opportunity to
•    Listen to world leaders showcase GS1 standards implementation from their prganisations
•    Lear from the experts who have experience with implementation
•    Discuss latest regulatory and trading partners requirements

Who should attend?
Manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, logistics providers, solution providers, industry associations, (inter-) governmental bodies and regulators

For more information, please visit GS1 Healthcare Conference Ethiopia 2018 website.

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