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25 facts

1. GS1 Mauritius is best known for allocating GS1 barcodes.
2. It all started with the arrival of the hypermarket Continent in 1994, which required Mauritian suppliers to barcode their products with GS1 Barcodes and Standards.
4. In the first year of operation, 70 companies were allocated GS1 Global Company Prefix, allowing them to barcode their products.
5. GS1 Mauritius is a non-for-profit organisation.
6. User-driven and governed by an independent Board of Management, GS1 Mauritius Board of Directors consist of 8 representatives from the business community, including major manufacturers, retailers and operators in different sectors.
7. Our members receive a Membership Certificate, a proof that the member is the unique authorised licensee of the barcodes allocated to him.
8. Companies requiring a code for products which vary in weight are allocated Variable Product Code or Variable Measure Code.
10. Our members include operators from the retail sector but also from healthcare, agriculture and apparel.
11. In 1998, the first company in Healthcare is allocated its GS1 Global Company Prefix.
12. The first company in the Construction Sector is allocated its GS1 Global Company Prefix in 2006.
13. GS1 Mauritius allocates a GS1 Global Company Prefix to its member in the Agricultural Sector in 2010.
14. We assist business operators requiring a Universal Product Code (UPC) to export to the United States.
15. In 2005, EAN Mauritius undergoes a rebranding to GS1 Mauritius in line with the global initiative to reflect one global organisation, one global language of business.
17. Our 2 MQA Approved Trainers are the sole trainers in GS1 Standards in Mauritius.
18. GS1 Mauritius has created a retail sub-committee since 2014 to work in closer collaboration with supermarkets to ensure efficient adoption of GS1 standards in the retail supply chain.
19. As a first step to introducing traceability in Mauritius, full support is provided to our members to assign their Global Location Number, which identifies their organisation and physical location.
20. In 2016, GS1 Mauritius official website is launched where latest standards, news and events can be consulted.
21. GS1(MAURITIUS) LTD is created as a separate legal entity on 16th November 2016 and is 100% owned by MCCI.
23. Since 2018, members can upload their product attributes without any additional fee on another global platform – the GS1 Cloud - a global shelf to display their products.
24. In 2018, GS1 Mauritius collaborates with public authorities, namely SME Mauritius Ltd and Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF), which provide financial schemes to SMEs and agro-processors to acquire GS1 Barcodes.
25. In 2019, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary with year-long celebrations.